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Boa tarde Galerinha só passando para "repostar" esta noticia (21/09/2016) pra quem não esta por dentro do que esta acontecendo no mundo do URT !
A empresa dona do jogo esta passando por diversas mudanças como vocês podem ver a seguir no post na integra e também ja confirmaram "Urban Terror Resurgence" na Greenlight da Steam.


We don't tend to post information on the boring stuff that goes on in the background of our development team. However, in this case, after many years, the Urban Terror Universe is now incorporated in the United Kingdom.


Frozensand Games Limited ( 10343942 )

Taking over the mantel of Business Administrators, myself and Barbatos take on the responsibility of running the company. BladeKiller and RabidCow are not going anywhere, they will be using their new found time to concentrate on game development. Something we hope will see Urban Terror Resurgence available on Steam as a GreenLight Beta quicker. #confirmed.

0870760 B.C. Ltd our old company will close it's doors soon as it is acquired by Frozensand Games.

It's little over a week until we release 4.3 very much Still Dying and even with our team focus on Resurgence we will still be taking the time to look after and maintain that which is the 4.x series.

We have appointed Blapecool as a new Head Admin. He is now responsible for systems and services provided by Frozensand, so be sure to bug him when Auth goes down.

I will be using my blog going forward to report on the road to Greenlight which is one of my new main responsibilities

As ever, it's ready when its done, but maybe that time will be a little sooner and more like "it's ready when we play something ;)".

Good Luck Us!

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